We are Loan Service Provider all over India


Apply Online for Loan  Disbursement in 3 seconds*  SIPL growth and sustainability of a business depends on the continuous inflow of funds. The funds might be required to expand the business or purchasing equipment. The funds can be borrowed in the form of a loan from banks and other financial institutions. Business Loans are typically unsecured in nature which means no collateral or security is required to borrow a loan. Business Loan is a debt provided to the company or the self-employed professionals or business owners that are to be repaid along with the principal amount. The rate of interest is usually pre-determined by the lending institutions. 

Contract Staffing

 We had heard about SIPL expertise and hired them on exclusive basis, and  their capability & professionalism were truly overwhelming. SIPL  were virtually our HR Department with respect to Operations, Personnel  Management & Talent Acquisition. SIPL deputed/placed 98 of their  personnel of different Nationalities within a very short timeframe to  our various project locations in China, UAE and India, while retaining  most of these on their rolls. We just left all the non-strategic actions  to SIPL , while our Mgmt were focused only on strategic alliances and  core growth.  


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  • Full Payrolling Back-office, including labour accounting
  • Reduced long term staffing overhead
  • Increased flexibility
  • Saves time and avoids interfaces with other existing operations
  • Experts for labour Audits

Turnkey Volume Hiring



Turnkey/Project Hiring Solution

  •  There are times when there is a spike in headcount requirements,  due to high volume requirement of staff in certain geographies or for  certain projects. We can step in and accelerate your process here. From  deploying dedicated offsite or onsite team based on efficiency and  cost-effectiveness, to providing end to end services from sourcing to  on-boarding, we can help you attain scale gracefully

Executive Search


There seems to be a huge misconception in the  understanding of the difference between executive search and  recruitment. In the same context the difference between what a  headhunter and a recruitment consultant do. I am going to explain to you  the difference between a ‘head hunter’ and a ‘recruitment’ consultant,  it is a phrase used very loosely yet there is a huge difference between  them both, this is something that candidates and clients in Myanmar  should be aware of.

Campus Recruitment and Selection


College Recruiting and Brand Management

  •  College recruiting is currently more important to  companies than  ever before. The possibility of  finding the right talent at the  earliest stage is  very inspiring. But it requires very tightly planned  strategy. What attracts fresh grads? Where do  you find them? Which  colleges to visit and at  what time of the year? What could be an   attractive offer? The list goes on. You are talking  to a set of very  experienced people when it  comes to on-campus and off-campus fresher   recruitment. We will work closely with you to  chalk out a multi-pronged  strategy to bring in the  best talent from the best colleges in India   according to your needs. 

Permanent Hiring


 We could help you find the right talent for your permanent ongoing  headcount requirements. This model is success based. You need to pay  only if PeopleLogic succeeds in on-boarding the required talent and they  continue to stay on board for a pre-agreed time frame. We work closely  with your recruiters and hiring managers but offsite and outside the  client’s physical location. 



Best Banking Training and Placement in INDIA


  • Why hire permanent recruiters on your rolls and incur long term  permanent fixed costs on your head? We will temporarily depute our  recruiter to your office location during your peak load to not only  recruit for you, but also coordinate with your Hiring Managers. You will  thus have the benefit of a “just in time recruitment resource” and  “only when needed recruitment resource”. 
  • In the RPO model: PowerQo in-bound team takes responsibilities of  entire HR operations of our client such as resume management, screening  candidates, interview scheduling, on-boarding facilities etc. Teams are  deployed both on-site and off-site
  •  A case example of this is the success we had with a Chennai based  EPC Offshore Oil & Gas company which needed to scale up very fast,  so they in turn had to focus completely on their core business growth


We Do It All

We’ve been involved with custom software application development since  2007 — longer than any competitor that we are aware of. We’ve completed  over 900 software projects and have reviewed literally thousands  of proposed software projects. It’s not often that a client comes to us  with something genuinely new, but we invite you to do your best.   Below are some of the hard-to-categorize “other” things we have extensive experience with. 


Few business endeavors can be as intimidating as creating a web application.

Perhaps you need an enterprise application to act as the engine of your  company you require a SaaS application to meet the needs of your  customers.