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SIPL today is a well established brand and is among the prominent organization in the training and IT services business in India. With various growth options, SIPL aims to attract best of talent and boasts of lower than industry attrition standards, with significant growth in terms of revenues, profitability, human resources, partnerships, infrastructure and clientele. 


We are registered with the Building Contractors Registry in India as a Specialist Builder under Site Investigation CR16 and is certified with ISO9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2008 for our quality management system and our occupational health and safety management system. We are accredited with the Singapore Lab Accreditation Scheme under the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC-SINGLAS), which is affiliated with the Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (APLAC) and the European Cooperation for Accreditation (EA). We have been awarded the recognition of being a BizSAFE STAR enterprise, the highest of the BizSAFE categories.

Above all the team at SIPL has an undying passion to excel in all areas of business operations. The Executive & Management Team along with all Operation & Functional Managers at SIPL accept stiff business challenges as an opportunity to prove its capabilities and go all out to exceed the highest customer expectations. The testimony in the same lies in the fact that SIPL has 100% stability in student satisfaction, client satisfaction where students are being placed.

SIPL is an Authorized Training Partner of Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, Red Hat, EC-Council & Adobe. SIPL is accrediated to Sikkim Manipal University & Baba Saheb Ambedkar Open University. We are an Authorized Exam Center of Prometric, Pearson and member of NASSCOM.

 The best software solutions are built by great people using proven  design and coding practices to help your business achieve its goals. We  specialize in solving technically difficult projects but also excel at  the other challenges associated with custom software development. One of  the skills that sets us apart from other development firms is our  ability to fulfill our client’s business needs. Though not a technically  challenging task, per se, our ability to connect with clients at a high  level allows us to consider their business needs when prioritizing and  making critical project decisions. Often, once we’ve worked with a  client and met their most urgent and immediate needs, we continue to  work with them, offering an ideal solution to their need for long-term,  ongoing, evolving support and development. Part of fulfilling our  client’s needs means being willing and able to offer clients what they  want. We strive to meet this goal by bringing the same flexibility that  we use in our development process to our client relationships and  services. Sometimes this means that we offer business consulting to help  a client’s in-house team get pointed in the right direction. Other  times it can mean getting a client to v1.0 of their application quicker  than they could do with only their in-house team, and then executing a  knowledge transfer that smoothly hands off development to their team.  With many of our long-term clients, it’s common for us to take on the  role of their development department.    


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SIPL intends to provide world’s best available tools, knowledge and network in the hands of decision makers, policy makers of Indian government and industry. SIPL is business partner to PRé Consultants bv, Netherlands in India, Sri Lanka & Middle East. Since 1990 PRé Consultants bv, Netherlands is in the forefront of LCA development, with state of the art methods, consultancy and software tools.  PRé Consultants have developed the world’s most widely used LCA software.

We're at the forefront of proven management techniques, service  improvements and technology advancements that have helped other  organizations control costs and improve efficiency.  With a highly  efficient customer retention rate, we know that   customers recognize the added value that Shetty Infraservices  provide. 


Our clients typically have complex  requirements and high-performance expectations. SIPL project teams  can solve the most unusual and thorny problems — often where other  developers have failed. When your project has its first hiccup, you’ll  take comfort in knowing that our team has the depth of knowledge and the  necessary skills to overcome technical issues that could not have been  foreseen at the outset. That’s part of what we mean when we say we code  the “impossible.”® Our success  working on a seemingly “impossible” project also derives from our  ability to understand the correct solution to a client’s needs and being  able to deliver that solution effectively. In our experience, the  “impossible” is not always about delivering a highly complex solution.  Sometimes what makes a task “impossible” is a misdirected focus that  results in executing the wrong task, a task that should never be  attempted in the first place. Our project managers are experts at  identifying a misstep before it becomes the defining path of a project’s  journey.  

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